Summer 8-Bit Dojo Release

Welcome on back friendos!

The world is moving at a pace, we know its an altered pace from what we expect, but change is good. The change of the world towards humanity for all regardless of rank is important. We, here at the 8-Bit Dojo, continue to spread the word that #BlackLivesMatter and will continue to voice so in a positive, informative and educational manner, if and when applicable.

However, the majority of our content creators provide a space to recover, recoup, and rebuild your soul from giving your all every single day for a cause that is most likely bigger than you let alone than anything one could picture being a part of. Many casters provide nostalgia and escapism, and not because they do not believe in what is happening, quite the opposite. Our casters want to help replenish and heal those that need to rest up and take on another day once again.
This fight will take more than days, more than weeks and thus a long-term plan of action needs to be put in place, supported and followed through on to make a difference, and not just noise. Protest, recover, share/tweet/support, recover, donate, recover, educate yourself on being a better ally and person, recover and so on and so forth.

No matter how you are able to help this cause let alone the many other causes around the world, remember we want you to KEEP going and all we want to do here is to help support those beliefs by providing outlets and safe spaces to escape to so you can be the best you can be as we fight the good fight together.


  • The 8-Bit Dojo Summer Bash will be delayed until 2021
  • The 8-Bit Dojo Podcast 2 P's (Players) and a Podcast will debut June 15th on Spotify (maybe iTunes as well) and June 17th on YouTube
  • The 8-Bit Dojo's next team ESN event will happen in July and will be ran by Spazee_McGee & Flibbityflam (specifics to come!)
  • The 8-Bit Dojo's team ESN's August event will be ran by GeneralAndrews & Flibbityflam featuring GeneralAndrews vs Angelical0dico in a Donkey Kong Country race!
  • ESN's own GeneralAndrews will be doing a celebratory 24-hour 10K Twitch Follower special starting at 9pm PST / 12am EST Saturday June 6th.
  • The 8-Bit Dojo Community Night will return in June (pay attention in Discord for the announcement)


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