April Showers Bring Content Flowers

Life has been devastatingly different for some, mildly inconvenient for others and a time that a lot are leaning towards escapism content. The 8-Bit Dojo continues to pump out content thanks to Extraordinary individuals providing content anyone could get lost in. Escapism is the tendency to seek distraction and most importantly relief in a high tension time. Seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy to alleviate one's stresses can be a soothing coping mechanism.
A few Extraordinary Streamer Network individuals expanding their content reach and some providing consistent weekly content listed below :

Flibbityflam has been providing nostalgic retro classic speedruns from Mega Man X to Super Metroid to Banjo-Kazooie 6 out of every 7 mornings in the states.

ImpactedPiko creates content right in front of your eyes on a show called Friday Editing Night. Piko is one of ESN's video editors and has a major hand in many of the ESN trailers found on his Twitter.

Spazee_McGee has returned from a brief hiatus from content creation and has brought another outlet along for the ride. Spazee has officially launched his YouTube channel here and will be pumping fast trigger FPS, RP and space cowboy themed content on the regular as the search for discoverability continues on an ever competitive platform.

ItsChowderBTW continues to expand her brand across Twitter, Twitch and YouTube ranging from potato antics to her quick wit edits that capture key moments of Chowder and her ever evolving brand. 

GeneralAndrews is taking his pecs and mashing skills of retro speedrunning to another live event this month. General will be running TMNT IV: Turtles In Time with Dospostmann for Retrothon2020 at 10:42pm on April 25th, tentatively, as it usually is with these 24/7 non-stop charity events. General has also branched out further and further into YouTube as well finding a positive response by sharing content on multiple platforms to continue to grow one's brand featured here. General teams up with Dancarnate, another one of ESN's talented video editors, when doing specific content projects on YouTube. Dan also streams Retro Achievement challenges on Twitch.
To be found on Twitch or any other platform, it is the responsibility of the creator to bring more eyes to the brand and content that is being created. Thus creating clips with additional edits shared on Twitter, expanding to pre-recorded videos on YouTube, and doing live events are many different methods of finding additional traction. Those on ESN will continue to find numerous ways to entertain the 8-Bit community not only on Twitch but on every major platform in one way or another. The Dojo hopes to help by happily distracting anyone who feels stuck right now. You can bet on it, it will be nothing short of Extraordinary in an energy depleted landscape. 


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