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April Showers Bring Content Flowers

Life has been devastatingly different for some, mildly inconvenient for others and a time that a lot are leaning towards escapism content. The 8-Bit Dojo continues to pump out content thanks to Extraordinary individuals providing content anyone could get lost in. Escapism is the tendency to seek distraction and most importantly relief in a high tension time. Seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy to alleviate one's stresses can be a soothing coping mechanism. A few Extraordinary Streamer Network individuals expanding their content reach and some providing consistent weekly content listed below : F libbityflam has been providing nostalgic retro classic speedruns from Mega Man X to Super Metroid to Banjo-Kazooie 6 out of every 7 mornings in the states. ImpactedPiko creates content right in front of your eyes on a show called Friday Editing Night. Piko is one of ESN's video editors and has a major hand in many of the ESN trailers found on his Twitter . Spa