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Marching Into Spring

March is upon us and many of us might be ending up cooped inside longer than we previously anticipated. With all this forced down time, what is one to do in such a moment of need? Catch up on your favorite pieces of entertainment?? Then ESN and the 8-Bit Dojo will be happy to provide entertainment with our March Event. March's Event will be showcased by Squadron Leader Spazee_McGee , thebestchimera , SavageBearTV , PowerCrunchTV , itsChowderBTW and ImpactedPiko . These four will dive into deep role-playing while playing a new Steam release called Squad. Squad is a squad-based, warfare game. A single match pits two factions, and each of those are comprised of smaller squads maxing out around nine players. Avaiable classes include anti-tank specialists, combat engineer, medic, and various types of riflemen. Base construction and overall teamwork will be guided by the Squad leader. The communication and overall teamwork will be on display on Saturday March 28th at 4pm PST /