2020 Month 2

We are on to month 2 of a brand new year and a brand new outlook on what matters to us as an individual, a collective and especially as a family.

The 8bitdojo is excited to continue to provide ground breaking and gut busting entertainment right to your screen of whatever size you choose. Thus, this month's theme is Zelda which is approaching its 34th year of existence (let alone transcendence on the gaming community - later this month we will have an article specifically elaborating on this phenomenon.)

This month's entertainment will be centered around three fabulous broadcasters and a combined mixture of their talents inside the world of Zelda and more specifically within Koholint Island's trappings from Link's Awakening. February's event, provided by ESN, will be The Past, Present, and Future Zelda Anniversary Celebration. The event goes live Friday February 7th, at 3pm PST / 6pm EST on FlibbityFlam's [channel provided below].

The Past will be speedrun by GeneralAndrews and announced by FlibbityFlam :

The Present will be speedrun by FlibbityFlam and announced by GeneralAndrews :

The Future will be drawn and created by AngeliaL0dico :
And together these 3 casters will take you through decades worth and beyond of Zelda : Link's Awakening and we hope you can enjoy the journey told by our enthusiastic Zelda historians.

The beauty of this historical event will be two back to back speedruns will be provided showcasing the game as it has been a fan favorite since the early 90's and a highly sought after 2019 Switch release that did not disappoint. However, the future looks bright for those on Koholint as if their dreams were meant to live on as Angelica is sure to provide with sketch after sketch and brush stroke after brush stroke as this project looks to be out of this world.

ESN's Super Smash Bros Ultimate Extreme Exhibition Tournament ended (on 1/31) with an intense battle for the ages - video located here! The announcers General Andrews and Fraswhar commentated and even got caught up in the excitement provided by the day's challengers. The challengers began the day's competition with a flurry of round robin matches to determine seeding before anyone would be eliminated. AND THEN....


SavageBearTV went down after 1 highly contested battle with FlibbityFlam that resulted in a high thumb sprain and derailed SB's championship desires before they got going. Speaking of FlibbityFlam - he demolished the round robin seeding with an undefeated start to the contest and earning him a number 1 overall seed and an automatic bid into the quarterfinals. Surprise upstart AngelicaL0dico was an offensive powerhouse through all of her matches the entire day, but eventually some of her opponents leaned on their defensive prowess to outlast the beauty and her brawn (she ultimately got eliminated in the quarterfinals by FlibbityFlam). Spazee_McGee was hoping to take advantage of a free first round win due to injury forfeiture but ended up in the wake of this tournament's eventual Champ - LuxinPheonix Each round of the elimination bracket offered its own unique challenges such as round 1 you weren't allowed to use the same character for more than 1 match (2 match wins resulted in round advancement). Round 2 the fighters were forced to choose a random character every time their turn was up (3 match wins to move on to the Finals). Yet, even round 3's "choose your opponent's character" wasn't enough to keep Luxin from walking away with the belt and an eventual 4 match wins to only 2 match losses to a once seemingly invincible FlibbityFlam.
Other events to watch for this month : CaptainRedWolf's 6-year streamaversary celebration launches on Saturday February 8th at 10am PST / 1pm EST. The games will range from SeaOfThieves, to Red Dead 2, to Jackbox games with the community! There will be laughs, giveaways and good times among the ship and her crew.

Aye aye Dojoers! What do you look forward to seeing us do come in March, April and beyond in 2020?


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