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Zelda: A View from the Towers of Hyrule Castle

When I was asked to write this article I thought 'this should be ok, it might be a little different to what I usually write but it shouldn’t be any harder…should it?' Well I didn't really think that through did I because  it really is starting to look harder than I thought? Originally we, myself and our Editors, had an Idea for an anniversary article but this year is the 34 th Anniversary and that wouldn’t quiet make sense, so then I the Editors said, 'look at it how you think is best'. That turned out to be tougher because I have only had a few experiences of Zelda despite having played games for some 40 years; most of this time has been spent on a PC and while I do own and have owned a lot of consoles, I am a PC player at heart and while Games like Decay of Logos come close to being a Zelda game - they never captured what it is to play as Link trying to save Zelda, they are just not the same thing at all. All that said I do confess that one of my ve

2020 Month 2

We are on to month 2 of a brand new year and a brand new outlook on what matters to us as an individual, a collective and especially as a family. The 8bitdojo is excited to continue to provide ground breaking and gut busting entertainment right to your screen of whatever size you choose. Thus, this month's theme is Zelda which is approaching its 34th year of existence (let alone transcendence on the gaming community - later this month we will have an article specifically elaborating on this phenomenon.) This month's entertainment will be centered around three fabulous broadcasters and a combined mixture of their talents inside the world of Zelda and more specifically within Koholint Island's trappings from Link's Awakening. February's event, provided by ESN, will be The Past, Present, and Future Zelda Anniversary Celebration. The event goes live Friday February 7th, at 3pm PST / 6pm EST on FlibbityFlam's [channel provided below]. The Past will be s