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2020 and the 8-Bit Dojo

2020 (in terms of eyesight) is referred to as perfect vision; however, for those that know this a little deeper its actually a measurement of visual acuity or the ability to have sharpness or clarity for an object at 20 feet's worth of distance. Acute clarity of one's mission on this streaming platform and especially in the year 2020 will be to provide the best version of 8bit Dojo 's commitment to being the gold standard of broadcasting excellence. What does that mean to the viewer? Namely, you. Well, what it should mean is a bevy of monthly showcased events mixing and matching talented, and brilliant broadcasters with one another : January 31st at 3pm PST / 6pm EST will be  ESN 's Super Smash Extreme Exhibition Tournament featuring: Flibbityflam ,  Spazee Mcgee ,  LuxinPheonix ,  AngelicaL0dico ,  SavageBearTV , Mr_Tumbleweed with announcers  General Andrews  and FrasWhar. February 7th at 2pm PST / 5pm EST will be ESN's Past, Present and Future