Spectacular Spoops Showcased

The ESN crew and amazing 8bitdojo community made October another month to remember. How could we not start out with our amazing ESN DBD Tournament Event?
This event was a 5-player 10-round slugeat was located on Meeeows turf where everyone got 8 rounds of survivor and 2 rounds of being the killer. The four remaining participants were CaptainRedwolf, FlibbityFlam, Impacted Piko, and Spazee_McGee.

The matches played out as so :

Round 1 winner Meeeows
Round 2 winner Impacted Piko
Round 3 winner Meeeows
Round 4 winner Impacted Piko
Round 5 winner Meeeows
Round 6 winner Impacted Piko
Round 7 winner FlibbityFlam
Round 8 winner Spazee_McGee
Round 9 winner Meeeows
Round 10 winner Meeeows

Final Totals : 

1st) Meeeows            204, 011
2nd) FlibbityFlam       174,818
3rd) Impacted Piko    157,840
4th) Spazee_McGee  127,980
5th) CaptainRedwolf  62,783

Moderators for the event : LuxinPheonix, & GeneralAndrews (Announcer as well)

When the final bell tolled, Meeeows led the pack with 5 total round victories and consistency throughout the tournaments 10-rounds. The second half of the event finally allowed others such as FlibbityFlam, Cappy, and Spazee_McGee to start climbing back into the event and overall standings there were dominated by Meeeows and Piko through the first 6 rounds. Our November ESN event will be RDR2 so be on the lookout for updates here, our discord or our Twitter.
Another fun event that some ESN Streamers participated in was the Boogey% Bouncefest Marathon Race that featured FlibbityFlam, GeneralAndrews, SorcererSiege, DarkAlexandrr and Ceriam as announcer. The EBB Bouncefest gets its name from the way the marathon progresses per round BOUNCING the slowest time which is quite stressful given the heavy RNG throughout each match.
Race 1: 1st SorcererSiege, 1st FlibbityFlam, 3rd GeneralAndrews, 4th DarkAlexandrr (forfeit/lost net)
Race 2: 1st FlibbityFlam, 2nd SorcererSiege, 3rd GeneralAndrews
Race 3: 1st SorcererSiege, 2nd FlibbityFlam

FlibbityFlam can hold his head high after earning a victory in Race 2 even though an overall victory is where his sights were set. General Andrews felt the harsh sting of Captain Strong's grapple and submission technique numerous times to the point where he sleeps uneasy at night from it still. Both runners look to put in even better showings in December when the next EBB event comes to bat.

 ESN's fantastic Community Manager Luxin Pheonix arrives in his new home and delivers a triumphant return stream on Halloween. #PheonixInPhoenix has been accomplished and everyone in the community can enjoy the content that erupts from the fires that is LP. There have been rumors that during his rebirth a renewed passion for speedrunning might have been born so make sure to tune in to see who is left in a pile of ash - LP or the timer he just torched.

The 8bitdojo is also happy to announce two newcomers into the 8bitdojo stream team. Those two wonderful individuals are TheBestChimera and ItsChowderBTW who have joined the ranks as official 8bitdojo streamers. We are happy they are among the family and a part of the future of this community. There is still one more special treat to happen this weekend and we hope you keep your eyes glued to the tube for the latest update because it's going to be a doozy. Have a wonderful and thankful month of November, I know that we are already grateful to have all of you in our lives each and every day.


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