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Spectacular Spoops Showcased

The ESN crew and amazing 8bitdojo community made October another month to remember. How could we not start out with our amazing ESN DBD Tournament Event? This event was a 5-player 10-round slugeat was located on Meeeows turf where everyone got 8 rounds of survivor and 2 rounds of being the killer. The four remaining participants were CaptainRedwolf , FlibbityFlam , Impacted Piko , and Spazee_McGee . The matches played out as so : Round 1 winner Meeeows Round 2 winner Impacted Piko Round 3 winner Meeeows Round 4 winner Impacted Piko Round 5 winner Meeeows Round 6 winner Impacted Piko Round 7 winner FlibbityFlam Round 8 winner Spazee_McGee Round 9 winner Meeeows Round 10 winner Meeeows Final Totals :  1st) Meeeows            204, 011 2nd) FlibbityFlam        174,818 3rd) Impacted Piko    157,840 4th) Spazee_McGee  127,980 5th) CaptainRedwolf   62,783 Moderators for the event : LuxinPheonix , &  GeneralAndrews (Announcer as well) When the fina