The Horizon Burns Bright

TwitchCon was a spectacular experience. Every single year I have attended TwitchCon the anxiously awaited event has morphed into a family-filled adventure. The 8bitdojo was represented heavily all week long let alone all weekend long at TC19 in San Diego. The fun and festivities began on Thursday (commonly referred to as Day 0) which is typically a day reserved for badge pick ups and potential other networking events. Day 1 is an EXPLOSION of raucous energy into any convention center and Friday was no exception. The Opening Ceremony catapulted the weekend into orbit with its heart-pumping musical guest Dragonforce and the band's lead off tour date going live at the Glitch Theatre within TwitchCon as Twitch and Dragonforce celebrated the eighth full-length album "Extreme Power Metal." Day 2 was no hold over as another day of rip-roaring good times were capped off by performances by Logic and Blink182 at downtown Petco Park for the TwitchCon2019 Party. Day 3 was a pleasant day at the Con with a hint of somberness in the air as everyone knew that this magical weekend was approaching its close, for most.

The culmination of a fantastic weekend was the 8bitdojo TwitchCon Afterparty Shindig. It was a simple, fun and laid-back event after a weekend full of non-stop good times. Surprisingly the event ballooned from our initial assumptions of about 20 dojoers into 40 or more attendees! The positive vibes emanated from everyone involved at Venture Cove located in the heart of Mission Bay / Beach. The locale was one of lightly splashing waves minutes north of the hustle and bustle just hours earlier at the San Diego Convention Center.
As the 8bitdojo continues to grow with the love and support you would expect from your own family we are happy to include more into our family every single year. A lot of the 8bit fam are streamers, but some are just supporters and friends alike wanting to enjoy the moments they have with those they choose to be around. Still looking for a home feel free to stop by ours located at 

EarthBound's Boogey Bouncefest will have 4 runners competing in a loser gets bounced set of races featuring GeneralAndrews, FlibbityFlam, DarkAlexandr and SorcererSiege with all of this being commentated by EB World Record Holder extraordinaire Ceriam will go live on October 23rd at 7pm PST / 10pm EST.

The EBB Bouncefest gets its name from the way this set of races shall be ran. Having the best time won't be the key focus in a race that is dripping with heavy RNG. As the main focus will be avoiding last place so one can move on to the next round and avoid being BOUNCED. All these runners will find out if their luck is stuck in EarthBound's Boogey Bouncefest later this month.

August's results finished as such :
Race 1) 1st SorcererSiege, 2nd GeneralAndrews, 3rd DarkAlexandrr, 4th FlibbityFlam
Race 2) 1st DarkAlexandrr, 2nd GeneralAndrews, 3rd SorcererSiege
Race 3) 1st DarkAlexandrr, 2nd GeneralAndrews
ESN has a special event later this month in honor of October's spoopy feels and Halloween zeal. A Dead by Daylight tournament is still getting some final touches put into it as many are readjusting to being back home or even recovering from the Con Crud that a few unfortunate souls endured.

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game where one player takes on the role of a brutal Killer and the other four players embrace the role of Survivors. As a Killer, your goal is to capture and sacrifice as many Survivors as possible. As a Survivor, your mission is to escape before being caught or even worse...KILLED!

Pay attention via Twitter, Discord, or by bookmarking this blog for updates on more extravagant ESN events and shenanigans. Happy Halloween and a Mirthful October.


  1. Another well written Blog. Extremely excited for the future of our community.


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