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The Horizon Burns Bright

TwitchCon was a spectacular experience. Every single year I have attended TwitchCon the anxiously awaited event has morphed into a family-filled adventure. The 8bitdojo was represented heavily all week long let alone all weekend long at TC19 in San Diego. The fun and festivities began on Thursday (commonly referred to as Day 0 ) which is typically a day reserved for badge pick ups and potential other networking events. Day 1 is an EXPLOSION of raucous energy into any convention center and Friday was no exception. The Opening Ceremony catapulted the weekend into orbit with its heart-pumping musical guest  Dragonforce  and the band's lead off tour date going live at the Glitch Theatre within TwitchCon as Twitch and Dragonforce celebrated the eighth full-length album "Extreme Power Metal." Day 2 was no hold over as another day of rip-roaring good times were capped off by performances by Logic and Blink182 at downtown Petco Park for the TwitchCon2019 Party. Day 3 was a ple