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TwitchCon and 8BitCon Arrives

TwitchCon is where you're invited to a party starring the Twitch community and everything we're into. This is the place to meet streamers, play games, watch esports together, get newly minted merch and loads more. TwitchCon is everyone and everything that makes Twitch, well Twitch, coming together for an unforgettable weekend. Hosted twice a year in major cities in North America (this year in San Diego) and Europe, there's really no better way to experiences the excitement of this community firsthand. My first ever TwitchCon experience was in this same location, San Diego, for TwitchCon 2016 where I got to meet life long friends such as ESN Teammates FlibbityFlam , and LuxinPheonix  - I already knew and cherished PowerCrunchTV before TC16. Thanks to this precedent set in my early days of Twitch-dom I have eagerly anticipated each TwitchCon and meeting more amazing people such as SavageBearTV and TiffabellTV  at TC17 in Long Beach, then  AngelicaL0dico , FknMiracles