Another Bright Day for the 8-Bit Dojo

Another wonderful time of year has passed on Twitch with SGDQ 2019 coming to a close in the wee hours of the morning of June 30th. However, as with every single turn of the calendar comes a new month and an aspiration for bigger and better things to come. Those in the 8-Bit Dojo appreciate where they have come from but always have their eyes returning to that hopeful and brimming horizon laid out right before them.

Upcoming August events within the 8-Bit Dojo presented by the Extraordinary Streaming Network include - A 6-part weekly Blind Race of Final Fantasy VII featuring LuxinPheonix vs Flibbityflam, Mr_Tumbleweed's 2k Follower Special, ESN's Infamous Un-Retiring of Contra featuring GeneralAndrews and LuxinPheonix co-op'ing Contra madness with special guest commentary from Spazee_McGee & FlibbityFlam and a singular event called EarthBound's Boogey Bouncefest with GeneralAndrews.
The 6-part weekly Blind Race of FFVII with LuxinPheonix and Flibbityflam is being played on Switch console version as each week will be capped at 6 hours to make as much or as little progress as possible. Viewers can alter the course of each runner by using money as a way to inject a game altering decision or course of action. The list of detriments are as follows : Force Flee (120 second duration), No Countering Elemental Weaknesses (120s), Removing a Single Materia (300s), Swap a Character in the Party (600s), Cannot Use Vehicle on World Map (600s), Remove Current Weapon on Single Character (900s), No Character Revives of Any Kind (1200s), One Character Only (3,000s), Load Last Save, or to Undo a Detriment are all available.

The thrilling kick-off to this event happened on 7/23 and this is what took place : Flib and Luxin were neck and neck until lawldette chose to revert Luxin's save with a hefty purchase utilizing the Load Last Save. This put Luxin over 10 minutes behind before he began to claw his way back into it when Strife chose to remove Flibs Restore materia by utilizing Removing a Single Materia. Almost instantaneously lawldette purchased the One Character Only on Flib and was forced to use Aeris ONLY. Flib was stuck on boss fights due to this current detriment allowing Luxin to soar into the lead. Luxin's lead lasted for only a short while as Kevin struck with a Load Last Save hamstringing Luxin's previously made progress. By the end of the first day the two were tied neck and neck.

Luxin and Flib's Blind Race continued to be a frantic mess out in the Junon area when lawldette hit Flib with the Load Last Save which had the crowd screaming POGGERS! This allowed Luxin to get a lead but not without strife ahead : Restore materia got removed twice in a row, Shiva materia removed, and finally Restore materia removed once more for good measure. However, the beat down didn't stop there as Luxin was forced to play as One Character Only thanks to lawldette wanting a featured piece on Cait Sith. FlibbityFlam then got into comfortable position before Coltaho decided to force BOTH runners into One Character Only but chat dictated which character the runners were forced to use.

The hi-jinx were abound in this one and Luxin has a small lead right trying to get the tiny bronco and Flibbity is in the reactor right before the Materia Keeper fight. The intrigue resumes on August 13th at 8pm PST / 11am EST and for a few more Tuesdays at this wicked rate.

Mr_Tumbleweed's 2k Follower Special will go live on August 5th at 3pm PST / 6pm EST for 12 hours of game-play, laughs, and giveaways. Giveaways that will be included as a part of the special will be a $25 Steam gift card and a $25 Amazon gift card. Yet, there is more to it then just games, laughs and giveaways.

There is heart involved in this achievement. I asked Mr_Tumbleweed what did this mean to him? His response, "It means I can accomplish goals. Its something I've set my eyes on for years. All the people I looked up to had 2-15k followers. I wanted to hit that number to prove to myself I could do it. Hopefully one day, we will push even further towards partnership. If I/we set goals, we can hit it. Its a great feeling to finally achieve that. From here comes new goals and new aspirations. I've made big changes, and I'm excited to make even more! And every person in my community that's notices I hit that goal is just as excited for me, because they know how hard I worked to reach. No inflated numbers or bs, nothing but love, sweat and tears. Literally, my AC went out for awhile and I sweated and cried."

As you can tell this community building accomplishment has hit home to Mr_Tumbleweed and we look forward to sharing in that experience with all of you as well.

ESN's Infamous Un-Retiring of Contra featuring GeneralAndrews and LuxinPheonix co-op'ing Contra madness with special guest commentary from Spazee_McGee & FlibbityFlam will go live on August 6th at 6pm PST / 9pm EST .

That's right! This time around we will have full-fledged commentary from the likes of Spazee_McGee and Flibbityflam as Luxin and myself aim to take on speedrunning challenges of Co-op Any% and Co-op Low%, but the overall challenges do not end there. There will be all sorts of incentive driven challenges the Dreamers and any viewer can enact for a small fee ranging from 2-players 1 Controller, 2-players 1 Hand Each, 2-players 2 Eyes Total, 2-players Insta-death, 2-players Both Take Next Available Weapon, Protect The Runners, 1 Player Runs Game While Other Talks Softly Into Their Ear, 2 Players Pacifist% and many more!

LuxinPheonix, " I can't wait to do this, I am even going to prep for it this time!" Which brought a smile to my face as I reflected on "How do I adjust to playing it on console from emulator after all these years?" A perfect balance of optimism and skepticism as these two Un-Retire one of the greatest NES games of all-time.

EarthBound's Boogey Bouncefest will have 4 runners competing in a loser gets bounced set of races featuring GeneralAndrews, FlibbityFlam, DarkAlexandr and SorcererSiege with all of this being commentated by EB World Record Holder extraordinaire Ceriam will go live on August 22nd at 3pm PST / 6pm EST.

EarthBound chronicles the adventures of Ness, a 13-year-old boy who journeys around the world using his "PK" or "PSI" to collect eight melodies in order to save the future from an alien of pure evil, intending to sentence all of reality to the horror of eternal darkness. The event features the participants speedrunning in a category of EarthBound called Boogey% which is about one third of the way through the game before the race finalizes. To give you an example of why this category was chosen : the Any% Glitchless (or full run) category takes around 3 hours and 38 minutes if you are a World Record contender for this game.

The EBB Bouncefest gets its name from the way this set of races shall be ran. Having the best time won't be the key focus in a race that is dripping with heavy RNG. As the main focus will be avoiding last place so one can move on to the next round and avoid being BOUNCED. All these runners will find out if their luck is stuck in EarthBound's Boogey Bouncefest later this month.

With so many amazing casters you can see why ESN truly excels at its content and with their community. What events are you looking forward to? Any events not mentioned you expected to see from this group of grade-A individuals? Let us know in the comments below as its always nice hearing from all of you or join our discord for a more intimate level of interaction at .


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