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Another Bright Day for the 8-Bit Dojo

Another wonderful time of year has passed on Twitch with SGDQ 2019 coming to a close in the wee hours of the morning of June 30th. However, as with every single turn of the calendar comes a new month and an aspiration for bigger and better things to come. Those in the 8-Bit Dojo appreciate where they have come from but always have their eyes returning to that hopeful and brimming horizon laid out right before them. Upcoming August events within the 8-Bit Dojo presented by the Extraordinary Streaming Network include - A 6-part weekly Blind Race of Final Fantasy VII featuring LuxinPheonix vs Flibbityflam, Mr_Tumbleweed's 2k Follower Special, ESN's Infamous Un-Retiring of Contra featuring GeneralAndrews and LuxinPheonix co-op'ing Contra madness with special guest commentary from Spazee_McGee & FlibbityFlam and a singular event called EarthBound's Boogey Bouncefest with GeneralAndrews. The 6-part weekly Blind Race of FFVII with LuxinPheonix and Flibbityf