Welcome to the 8-bit Dojo Blog!

     As we branch off into the new year of 2019, we reflect on our previous year and how we can better ourselves. Whether it's to get back on track with our mental or physical health, find a better career, or even beat that elusive final boss, we all have things that we wish to accomplish in the coming year. This year the 8-Bit Dojo's goal is to provide more well-rounded content for our community, thus, this blog has been created. We hope to see you be apart of it!

What is the 8-Bit Dojo?

     Originally founded in the fall of 2016, the 8-Bit Dojo was created with the dream of a Twitch community that felt more like family. We not only wanted to create a place of opportunity for new and upcoming content creators, but also a hub for viewers and gamers as well. We felt it was paramount to bridge the gap between content creators and viewers: providing a rewarding experience overall. It's important to us to, not only, be your main resource in the gaming and streaming industry, but also to be both safe and inclusive in the online world.

     In coalition to the 8-Bit Dojo, we also house two partnered stream teams, the 8-Bit Dojo Stream Team and the Extraordinary Streamer Network. The 8-Bit Dojo Stream Team was developed to help new streamers and give them a real opportunity to grow and thrive with like-minded people in a professional environment. Our goal with this team is to help foster their growth while helping them rise up to new challenges that they may have not yet encountered before teaming up with like-minded individuals already found in our community.

   The Extraordinary Streamer Network is an extension of the 8-Bit Dojo Stream Team that is geared towards a business-minded streaming career and a place in the entertainment industry. In doing so, we push one another to reach beyond our current extent of growth, exposure, work ethic, and above all - perspective. ESN members represent the keystone creators for our community and lead the charge with our motto: Be selfless, not selfish.

     The 8-Bit Dojo community, and its subsequent stream teams ESN & 8-Bit Dojo are different than other Twitch entities by being a legitimate network of content creators with 24 hour around-the-clock content and a diversification among its casters and even the content they create.

     This premise of becoming a network was institutionalized with the viewer in mind to accompany the wide array of talents displayed around the clock and most importantly - around the world. The content provided by our network extends us past the top 10 most commonly streamed categories, and this speaks to the variety we seek to provide our community and future viewers in their search for content that fits their specific needs.

Why did you start a blog?

     Twitch streams are a great way to get information out there, but we felt that a blog would add more of a personal touch from each of us. We want to bring you blogs from all of our awesome, unique content creators in ESN ranging in different topics from general discussions, reviews, or conversations about streaming on Twitch. We want to provide this new outlet to you for free to help foster a stronger community.

Our goal is to do our best in making this an unique experience, unlike any other, on Twitch. As the 8-Bit Dojo continues growing, we want you all to be along for the ride and to be a part of our family. Hope to see you around! 


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