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Welcome to the 8-bit Dojo Blog!      As we branch off into the new year of 2019, we reflect on our previous year and how we can better ourselves. Whether it's to get back on track with our mental or physical health, find a better career, or even beat that elusive final boss, we all have things that we wish to accomplish in the coming year.  This year the 8-Bit Dojo's goal is to provide more well-rounded content for our community, thus, this blog has been created. We hope to see you be apart of it! What is the 8-Bit Dojo?      Originally founded in the fall of 2016, the 8-Bit Dojo was created with the dream of a Twitch community that felt more like family. We not only wanted to create a place of opportunity for new and upcoming content creators, but also a hub for viewers and gamers as well. We felt it was paramount to bridge the gap between content creators and viewers: providing a rewarding experience overall. It's important to us to, not only, be your main resource i